10 comments on “Cereals From Beyond 2

  1. WOW, you have truely saved my sanity. I have been trying to think of the name of the dinersaurs cereal for years. Everyone of my friends remembers it but could never remember the name. I loved this cereal so much and it drives me nuts that i cant find one like it today. maybe it is just the kid in this grown up body that wants my cereal back :)
    Thanks again

  2. I used to eat Hidden Treasures everyday I woke up lol one of the best ever!!!! Would be awesome I general mills decided to give it another try. Oh and I also remember another one of my favorites that stands out to this day around the same time was Pepsi Clear. That lasted maybe 2 years and disappeared. Clearly Canadian waters were another fav of mine.

  3. GEEZ I can feel the sugar rush from here! Crispy Critters, Kaboom, Dinky Donuts, I went thru all of those. Wasn’t there one with some monster mascots called Freakies, I think? I’ll have to dig info on that up. I remember having the magnets.

  4. You forgot about fruity island cereal with king a yumma yumma, and frosted rice cereal with tony the tiger jr

  5. You forgot KRUMBLES by Kellogg. They had a GREAT cookie receipe using that cereal, and I’ve missed it for years!

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  7. hidden treasures were disgusting. the fruit flavored filling inside was utterly vile. It was like they boiled strawberries and then let it sit out uncovered for a week to let it harden. Plus, an assload of extra sugar….

  8. Before Hidden Treasures,there was a similar cereal circa 1976-’77 that had chocolate or vanilla FROSTING in the middles! It tasted as good as it sounds. That was the last straw for activist mothers against sugar in cereals.

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