15 comments on “Cereals From Beyond

  1. What the hell happened to Ralston with all the licenced character cereals? They make crap cereal now. You can’t tell me they can’t some how in some way bring these back. It simply isn’t fair. I have wrote the company a few times telling them how great their products were and how they were the kings of breakfast cereal in the 1980s and now it was time to do a special limited “FlashBack” breakfast cereal line. If they won’t we gotta write general mills and kellogs over and over agan. Something has to be done, cereal needs to be brought back!

  2. HA! I actually stumbled across this while I was searching for some cereals for the WUMB topic…It brought back a LOT of memories! Nice job, my friend!

  3. Combo Mo – Score for Metal Misfit! That’s awesome! :)

    dennis, I agree that cereals aren’t the sugary artform they once were! Does Ralston even still make cereal?

  4. Metal Misfit,

    Yes they make cereal still but its like generic knock offs of Fruit loops, etc. I sent them an email and I want some frickin answers!!

  5. I was just online lookin up everything from way back when there was a Saturday morning cartoon time and stuff like that. so i found allot of stuff on youtube, like the mario brothers supper show, zelda and others. but my favorite was the t.n.m.t. cartoon toped off with a nice bowl of t.n.m.t. cereal. then i found how made it so i wrote them. Then i found your site and its so cool to find other people who loved it just as much as i did. Then you took the feeling even further with the other cereals. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you takin me back. Remember The Centurions?

  6. Ninja Turtles cereal was my favorite too…my grandma made sure to have in on hand when I visited.

    Oh, and I still have my Ninja Turtles Bowl =)

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  9. If you love cereal – have you seen the collection that’s posted on MrBreakfast.com? He has this thing called the Cereal Project where they claim to have ever cereal ever made in the US. It’s pretty amazing.

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