12 comments on “Monster Pops

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  2. Hey, just found your site through your comment on SMC! Awesome blog! Thanks for the comment, and sorry nothing’s been going on there for a while, I’m getting ready for a huge revamp this fall. I’ll definitely be checking back here often!

  3. I remember them fondly. They were called “Monster Pops”. I’m not really sure if they we sold all over the US or not? I live on the east coast and remember having them throughout the 80s. There was a Frankenstein, Creature, Dracula, and Skeleton. If anyone finds any pictures or anything having to do with Monster Pops, please email me at HMAHEAD@hotmail.com .

    Take care,


  4. Yeah, I lived on the eastsiiiiiiiiiiide as well. It’s just one of those things that I KNOW existed, but even in the age of the internet, I can’t find any PROOF of it existing. >=(

    Same way with McDonald’s peppermint sundaes and a certain type of Halloween shortbread cookies…

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  6. I completly remember having them at least once a week.

    I can remmeber that the front of the box the image was the 4 cartoon images of the skeleton, dracula, The Creature and a grape one… can’t remember that as well because I didn’t like grape back then. (Dracula was my favorite. was Red and cherry flavored. I remember that reallly well.)

    anyway.. was the 4 cartoon images with their corrosponding popsickles below them. kinda fanned out like how you would hold cards in your hand.

    My mom and dad bought them for me and my brother when we were pretty little I’ll say six. so that would have been 1987.

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  8. I remember them well and miss them lotz! I would Love to get some for my Kids if i could ever find them again someday. I also really miss Cherry Slice, clear Pepsi and clear Snapple rootbeer. Oh and also dont forget Panzeroties. Yum! Idk, if i spelled that right but they were delicious as hell.

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