3 comments on “A Tour of Horror

  1. I am actually trying to find the stretchable Chucky figure where do you think I can get a hold of one? I am in desperate need of just the chucky figurine… please if you can get back to me that would be great!!!

  2. Metal Misfit.

    Dad got me the wolfman stretchable. Being a BIG fan of the classic horror movies; I would like to know where you found yours. I don’t want all of them; just my favorites…The Creature from the black logoon, Frankenstien’s monster, dracula and the mummy.

    nice collection- Werewolf87

    ps, I don’t have a web site yet.

  3. Walgreens is the place to go for the stretchy UM/Chucky figures. May be hard to find now, most Walgreens have sold/packed up most of the Halloween stock by now. I haven’t seen them anywhere else. Maybe a party store or a place like Spencer’s Gifts?

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