4 comments on “5 Things I Hate About You (Shopping At My Store)

  1. It IS absurd to feel frustrated at an employee when an advertised item isn’t in stock at a given store.

    …except when Tuesday Morning didn’t have their NINJA ATV w/ Snake Eyes in stock as advertised; I wanted to kill everyone in the store, and no jury would have convicted me.

  2. Ah yes. Black Friday, the most dreaded of all colored Fridays. Allow me to just say this- SOME of us really do appreciate the retail peeps that make it all possible, so air hugs from me. And also, ditto on nixing the self-important job titles… Mrs. Executive Administrative Assistant, you’re not foolin’ anybody.

  3. I worked retail at a national chain for several years and your number one peeve, “Well, why did you put it in your ad if you’re out of stock?!”, actually irritated more from the corporate end then the customer service end.

    Because pushy customer with a vastly unrealistic sense of entitlement are a pain in the butt, but corporations are evil and stupid. A deadly combination if there ever was one.

  4. Hey! Sorry I know, I had all these plans and then I got busy with work. I may try to pull a couple last minute things out of my sleeve next week.

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