9 comments on “Answer my call, McDonald’s! Give us back the peppermint sundae! (UPDATED)

  1. I have suuuch fond memories of eating the peppermint sundae during the holidays when I was in elementary school. And every year, I swear, I hope that it will come back. Like a wish or surprise. I absolutely loved them those few times they offered them.
    I would totally help push a petition to get it back for the holidays. Anyone else want to start the Peppermint Sunday 2009 comeback?


  2. Omg I remember when McDs came out with that and it was soooooo good. But it was a red peppermint sauce not green. I remember having that during the holidays when I worked at a McDs in California. Yummmmmmmmmmmm


  3. I was obsessed with the peppermint sundae. I remember having one everyday on the winter of 1989. I hope McDonald’s brings it back.


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