5 comments on “DEF LEPPARD – Songs from the Sparkle Lounge

  1. Songs from the Sparkle Lounge…
    As a long time dedicated fan, I can tell you more work went into the title of the disc than the production.
    The band that brought us “Wasted”, “Get Your Rocks Off” and the classic “Sugar” has stooped to slopping a bunch of demos together and disgustingly enough, adding some fat country singer to the mix and releasing it.
    I find it “Unbelievable” the band that risked bankruptcy to ensure Hysteria was perfect would release such a piece of audio crap. If you can hear shit, this is what it sounds like. I never thought I’d live to see the day where Def Leppard started copying Bon Jovi, and yet hear it is.
    What I wanted to know is who decided to jump on the “country” bandwagon in the hopes to sell a few more cds? Who decided to dump this unfinished, unpolished, piece of crap on the market?
    Save your money and pick up a copy of Slang, the band’s last truly inspired work.

  2. Nicole, thanks for the comments. What did you think of Euphoria? It’s one of my favorite Leppard albums.

    Y’know, Slang is the only album I’ve never owned, but I have heard bits & pieces of it but I wasn’t impressed by it.

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