4 comments on “DEF LEPPARD – Euphoria

  1. I’m driving from RI to Burgettstown, PA for the first Poison reunion tour back in ’99 and, somewhere in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, the local DJ spins “…the new Def Leppard single….Promises”. I’ll never forget that because my buddy and I were on our way to a cool ’80s show and ‘Promises’ just sounded like it was 10 years younger.

    EUPHORIA is a great record, one of my faves from Def Lep. I like every song on the album and I agree that ‘To Be Alive’ is a great ballad. ‘Demolition Man’ is a great opener and I thought they ended the album well with ‘Kings Of Oblivion’. Start it on a high note, end it on a high note, and keep the middle full of solid tracks: ‘Paper Sun’, ‘Guilty’, ‘Back In Your Face’ ( a song that I thought was a HUGE statement because they were back!).

    When you see the band live now, they have animation on the video screens of all the albums…..they always skip EUPHORIA, it drives me bat-shit!

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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