11 comments on “Water Wiggle… from WHAM-O!

  1. I loved my water wiggle and just went on line to try and buy one for the neighbor kids, my heart is broken. Now I have to tell them it’s not available. I have home movies my family took in the 1960’s running from the water wiggle…he was a friend and enemy at the same time….so sad.

  2. I had one as a kid too, of course waaaaaay back then there were a lot of fun things that have now been labeled ‘unfit’! But anyway, to reply to those who have looked for one, check eBay! I’ve never seen the metal-headed one there, but a later softer vinyl version (also no longer available in stores) has been listed there a couple times with one currently.

  3. I too loved my Water Wiggle…a lot. In fact, some might say TOO much. I named him Al Lipschitz. I miss him. Who are these humans who take away the things that made life tolerable? My Water Wiggle (Mr. Lipschitz) was my friend and life hasn’t exactly been a bowl of peaches without him. If he’s listening from that great junkyard in the sky, I hope he hears me and I hope he knows how much he meant to me. I love you Al…I love you.

  4. water wiggle became extinct at the same time as good parenting skills and moral virtue. since we are no longer capable of raising our own children (only propagating them), we let the government decide what is best for our family and what is proper for our children. look how well that’s working.

  5. I watched “Dickie Roberts” today ! I’m far above average intelligence …but have never seen this ! I grew up in the Boon-docks ! We had all the “dangerous” toys. ..! I thought ! I loved “Jarts” ! Not the “silly ones” they have now ! But I’ve never seen a ” Water Wiggle ” !!!!!!!!!! Now I want one !

  6. Ahhhh. My old frenemy Water Wiggle. I think of you every summer. Sooooo much terror and fun. RIP . You are missed by many.

  7. The Sad Demise If The Water Wiggle

    Wammo got sued over the Water Wiggle after some kid got beat to death by one. Vandals had taken the faucet handle so the couldn’t shut the thing off and the Wiggle furiously fought off all attempt’s to save the child. The hose finally had to be cut with an ax by firemen with two of the firemen being severely thrashed by the Wiggle in the 3rd brave attempt. Whammo issued an apology but got sued anyway. They still make the very safe Hula Hoop however.

    • Many people have lost their lives because of the “safe” Hula Hoop. It isn’t safe. It’s an endless circle of horror and death.

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