6 comments on “The Very Best of Sylvester Stallone

  1. Demolition Man was a bad ass movie. If only Taco Bell was the only restaurant left today, that’d be sweet.

    I’m interested to see Judge Dredd. Never read any of the comics but it sounds like a cool idea.

  2. Sly has more ‘stuff in his basement’ so all us Sly fans better get ready!! The man just keeps on ticking!! There’ll never be another Sly! Naysayers can laugh all they want to because Sly himself will have the very last laugh – ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!

  3. Awesome post! You are dead on about Sly’s body of work – it’s absolutely the best. I can’t wait to see what he come up with next!

  4. SLY IS THE BEST!I love his films”all of them”im 35 and been a massive fan since i was 13!i was picked on at school and saw a rocky film late one night as a 13 year old,and that was it i started working out and boxing traing.i still train 3 times a week and i can tell you no one picked on me after the age of 15!its all down to sly,and its so great to see him back kicking ass on the big screen!”hes still the best”

    thanks guys robbie..

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