2 comments on “SHOCKER – The Music: A Shocking Sampler

  1. I went to see Shocker in the theater when it came out, shows you my age! I used to be a big horror buff back when I was a kid and I used to catch all the flicks. I remember buying the soundtrack at a Record Town the same day I saw the movie but on cassette, it took me years to replace the cassette with a CD. Yep, that’s Paul Stanley on lead vocals for the Dudes Of Wrath…..as you know, I’m a KISS diehard and this is a small slice of Paul’s solo career. Megadeth’s cover of ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ gets a lot of play on VH-1 Classic Metal Mania.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. Not sure if Cooper did backing vocals on “Shocker” or not, but he was the lead singer on the other Dudes of Wrath song on the soundtrack, “Shockdance.” I just stumbled across this soundtrack recently, and I’m pretty impressed.

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