3 comments on “KISS – Psycho Circus

  1. I’m a KISS diehard and this was supposed to be the crowning achievement of the Reunion. At the time, it was a great record. As the shine wore with the years, it’s not the greatest.

    I also read Metal Edge religiously, too bad they went Nu-Metal and then Modern Rock because it had been a great mag for years. Anyway, PC was half filler/half good tunes. They were desperately trying to recreate DESTROYER and Gene & Paul were controlling everything to make as much $$$ as possible. When I listen to this record, I skip ‘We Are One’, ‘You Wanted The Best’, ‘I Finally Found My Way’ & ‘Journey Of 1000 Years’.

    I am a diehard though and I waited in line at the record store for this CD. I have the regular disc, the cassette, the Japanese CD, the U.K. edition with the bonus live disc, the promo edition and I picked up all the CD singles…..sad isn’t it? I also had floor seats in Boston for the first two shows of the tour…..my daughter was born a week earlier and my wife still went! I also won tix to the 2nd Boston show from the local Rock station so I sold them outside to pay for merchandise. I also caught the tour in Hartford a couple weeks later.

    Heavy Metal Addiction


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  3. I was disappointed with Psycho Circus out of the gate. The flange-y vocals, over the top production and it was clear (to me) that Peter wasn’t playing drums. [I’m a lifelong KISS and specifically Peter Criss fan…about 1.5 songs into it I said to myself “That’s not Peter Criss!”]

    I called up another friend who is also a KISS fan and told him my thoughts by about the 6th song: Not Peter, album mediocre at best…don’t buy it!


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