3 comments on “MOTLEY CRUE – Generation Swine

  1. The album debuted at #4 and there was a big media push with the band even performing at the American Music Awards to usher in the reunion. The problem here is that the songs were originally written with Corabi still in the band. The album was supposed to be done with Corabi but the money machine keeps rolling and the reunion was inevitable with the trails blazed by KISS’ success. I believe I read where Corabi was in studio to teach Vince the parts.

    I thought ‘Afraid’ was a solid single, so was ‘Glitter’ but my favorite tune is ‘Confessions’. Saw the tour in Worceter, MA with Cheap Trick opening. Awesome show at The Centrum, place was packed and the band played 2 hours. The cool thing was they came out with a huge screen behind them and they just played the weirdest video footage during each song. I remember they let Tommy play ‘Brandon’ towards the end and he got booed!

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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