6 comments on “BUCKCHERRY – Buckcherry

  1. I remember all the magazines praising Buckcherry too. They were the next big thing that didn’t really happen. Solid debut but not timeless like APPETITE. This got a lot of airplay in RI. ‘Lit Up’ was the single but I remember hearing a lot of the other songs being played late night when the playlists weren’t as rigid.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. hey i never heard of ya before but a friend showed me your song (everything) and i love that song. theres just this question i have. i like this guy and he is the one that showed me the song, and he said that it reminds him of me!!! so im lost, it wourld be great if u told me what hes trying to tell me! thank you!

  3. “Good, but nothing special” – that’s right, pure rock n’ roll without all the bullshit!
    Sure, it ain’t Appetite, but it’s one hell of a debut album!
    I’d give it 4/5.
    Love the other albums, Time Bomb & 15. Not as good and powerful as the first one, but they still rock.

    What do you think about the new one?
    I only heard couple of songs once, and I think it’s weak (one of the songs sound like a rip off of Lit Up, how lame is that?)

    Rock on

  4. Thanks for all the comments, Jim!

    I love Black Butterfly. I have a review for it up already. I still haven’t heard Time Bomb. I should go give that one a shot just to say I’ve heard’em all. Was what that album’s single? Ridin’? I like that song.

  5. Hey!
    I like the song “everything”, but in general this album is worse than the old ones like time bomb for example.
    At least its still the solid rock we know from buckcherry.

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