8 comments on “ACCEPT – Balls to the Wall

  1. I love the fact that you’re first experience with this album was in 2002 and that it was the reissue! Makes me feel really old!

    I read about this bunch of German metallers back in the early ’80s and how they were poised to dominate. Well…..they came close…..sort of. Talk to a true Metalhead and they will sing Accept’s praises, talk to a fan of the Bon Jovis & Def Leppards of the era and they might ask “Accept who?”.

    This album, and METAL HEART, are absolute classic records. The title track is the most familiar song for most people but my favorite is ‘London Leatherboys’. I have been an Accept/U.D.O. fan for two decades now and their really isn’t many weak spots in their discography…..maybe RUSSIAN ROULETTE but I still like it.

    I bought this reissue too but I’ve had the cassette & the CD for years and years.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. Yeah, I’m actually embarrassed I only got into them on ’02. I didn’t care about any kind of music until around ’98 or so (I would’ve turned 17 that year) and for a few years after that, I mostly a kid with no money who only went for the hair bands when he could afford it.

    There’s so many bands & albums that have been around for decades but *I* didn’t get around to them until after 2000. :)

  3. Dude Accept is an amazing band. Balls to the wall is one of those hard rock, in your face kinda songs. Im only 15 but i know more about the classic rock genre than most 45 year olds

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  5. Hey dude,

    I am enjoying your website, and for the record UDO isn’t gay, he has been or was married close to 20 years, not that their is anything wrong with that! But their a number of songs that deal with oppression and one song that deals with a closeted man going to the park and …well you get the idea, but I don’t remember the song title.

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