5 comments on “IRON MAIDEN – The Number of the Beast

  1. First off, love the site! “Seventh Son” was my first Maiden purchase, too (and my first Maiden concert, back in 1988/89). Still probably my favorite. “Number of the Beast” comes in 3rd, right behind “Powerslave” for me.

  2. Thanks for commenting, AJ. I love Powerslave as well. Those three Maiden albums make up my favorites.

    Haven’t seen’em live yet (but then there’s many bands I’ve never seen live), but I hope to someday if I can drag my fiancee along. ;)

  3. I believe it was the first METAL album I’ve ever heard, not so sure about it.
    Got the LP from my brother and fell in love.
    Til this day, it’s my fav Maiden album, a true classic!

  4. Ah, Maiden headed to the top of their game, and it was more of a matter of timing than anything. A great new lead singer, a time of interest in what they were doing, and the dropping of a classic disc of NWOBHM. Their best song is here (IMO): Hallowed Be Thy Name, which foreshadowed their progressive direction more than anything. If you’re a metal fan, gotta have this one.

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