5 comments on “STEELHEART – Good 2B Alive

  1. As Everyone whom has reviewed SteelHearts “Good 2B Alive”, You got it right on the money! Without going into to Much detail I have known Mili (aka Mike) since the inception of the original line up back in the early 80’s so I have seen the evolution throughout all the triumph and downfalls to emulate what is clearly not only SteelHearts best work, but most definitely the best work out of all that is put onto the table by anyone in a long time! I have a prediction that this album will lift Mili & his band STEELHEART out of obscurity and lift up the masses to a musical revolution that is the experience “Good 2B Alive”!!!!


  2. I completely agree with you. I’ve read so much, both from the media and those who call themselve “fans” about their dislike of the Good 2B Alive album. Lest they forget, the Beatles evolved, Robert Plant evolved. Not everyone was pleased, but the artist must follow the muse, and Mili’s muse is electrifying! I must admit that in the beginning, LOL wasn’t my favourite, but it grew on me like a fungus, and with respect to the video, the man’s humongous gazongas must be alotted their due respect. I’ve been around the block on a few motorcycles, but I would have totally barfed and crapped myself in the jump seat of that F-14!!


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