3 comments on “EUROPE – The Final Countdown

  1. I lump this band in with the likes of Danger Danger. Technically proficient, potent even, but much too full of pomp to be considered a TRUE hard rock band. (You said guilty pleasure there, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing LOL). “The Final Countdown” (the single) came out about the same time as the Emerson Lake and Powell disc, so that’s what it was described to me as sounding like before I actually heard it, and it does. “Carrie” is a typical 80s hold up the lighter ballad… “Cherokee” I never could bring myself to like… they are both very much NOT classics, but typical 80s pop-metal (if there is such a thing) fare.
    Their subsequent discs sound much the same. Their subsequent disc “Out Of This World” covers their own “Open Your Heart” from their first disc… a great song and worth checking out the dichotomy if you can find both. Overall, great musicians, but a case of the whole being less than the sum of its parts.

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