5 comments on “History of the Video Game Console: Atari Jaguar

  1. I picked up a boxed Jaguar at a pawn shop of all places, full & complete for $50 used back in 2001. I knew it was mostly a crap system, but as a game console collector I knew I couldn’t pass up that deal. However, I’ve only purchased 1 good game for it (& 4 bad games), which is Zool 2. And good is a stretch, perhaps. It’s decent to good. I, too, haven’t found Alien vs. Predator yet, and have yet to find a working Jaguar CD.

  2. How does this console stack up to the sales of the Nokia Ngage? I mean, I know it probably had some phone sales, but I think I saw a total of two people ever playing it. Silly companies thinking that they can break into the industry because “video game nerds will just play anything.” I can only guess that that is their assumption, since it would be madness to produce this subpar crap otherwise.

  3. No no no, –don’t worry, I understand that Atari isn’t the new kid on the block ;-). I was speaking about Nokia specifically. I’m just curious how the Jaguar’s sales stack up to the Ngage; sorry I didn’t specify who I was referring to.

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