2 comments on “EXTREME – Pornograffitti

  1. Nuno’s guitar is monster on this album, and it is a worthy addition to the funk rock canon. The fat, staccato riffing of ‘Decadence dance’ is just stunning. Like you, I love ‘Get the funk’, -it’s just massive, big drums, big riff, big horns and funky as hell. A welcome return with “Saudades” but again, like yourself I could’ve done with it funkin’ up a little more!


  2. There’s lots I’ve learned to love on this disc in 20 years… outside of what you have mentioned, the rap-intro’ed stomp “When I’m President”… the pseudo-Sintatraesque “When I First Kissed You”…Nuno’s take on Flight of the (Wounded) Bumblebee… the band sounds HUGE here. Their Queen influence was telling in respects of their first album, and would be heard later on as well, but this is a far more mature effort than their first. If you haven’t yet, find III Sides to Every Story; the band reportedly got pissed that they put so much work into that one and no one bought it (sign of the early 90s musical change of course)… I doubt you’d be too disappointed in that one either.


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