One comment on “1977 – Rock 'N Roll

  1. Guys, let me tell you, listening to 1977 – ROCK ‘N ROLL takes me back to my 14th birthday, I got two albums on that faithful day, one of witch was Love Gun by KISS. As with the KISS record, I can’t put “Rock ‘N Roll” away either!

    The members of 1977 have nailed the spirit of 1970’s KISS with this one; 1977 Rock ‘N Roll is well worth a first, second and third listen. Actually, I have just about worn my copy out. Rock ‘N Roll lives up to the standards KISS set with both Destroyer and Love Gun, with its stand-out tracks Ladies Come First, Blast Off and Do You Know What I Want.

    If you’re a fan of The Hottest Band in The World or a rock music fan in general, then this is one CD you should definitely add to your collection as a reminder of the days when rock and roll was fun. 1977 Rock ‘N Roll is a perfect time-capsule of melodic, riff driven rock and roll from start to finish.

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