6 comments on “Cereals From Beyond 3

  1. Fruit Islands is basically fruit-flavored Cookie Crisp. That’s all! It wan’t very good, from what I recall.

    Circus Fun scared the hell out of me.

    Some other favorites include Ice Cream Cone Cereal and… what was it called? Sunday Funnies? It was really bilious, awful stuff, with comic strips on the box. You opened the box and you’d never get rid of the smell. The pieces were all these radioactive-colored laughing faces. They tasted like sweet tarts, except stronger. Horrible!

  2. Oh, I see you got those both last time. Never mind!

    Ice Cream Cone Cereal has the most amazing box art, anyway. It’s like New York Deli potato chips (“My Purple Passion…”.

  3. Fruit Islands was exactly like fruit flavored cookie crisp. But a little more crunchy. I was in love with those when I was a kid. I even sent away for a Fruit Islands watch. It even came with batteries (digital watch).

    • Fruit Islands has really struck a nerve with people. Amazing! I swear I’d never heard of it before another commenter suggested it. Even the commercial I don’t recognize.

  4. Dinersaurs was my all time favorite, as I still have a major crush on Sara Triceratops the female dino waitress.

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