4 comments on “Cartoons From the 1980s That I Want On DVD

  1. G.I. Joe: Real American Hero would be AWESOME on DVD. I really never saw that much difference in the original & the other, but of course I was seeing this through the eyes of a child. When the first series ended w/ the movie, and the plotlines were partially resurrected w/ the 2nd series, to me it was just a continuation of the original w/ new characters. I enjoyed it, and would also like to see that on DVD.

    Muppet Babies!!!! That show ruled! Totally creative, and off-the-wall humor, as well as some stuff that threw you for a loop. It was FAR more intelligent than the concept would lead one to believe, and even trod that line of children/adult humor that the original Muppet Show did. Great series, definitely screaming for a DVD release.

    A couple that I’d like to see from my youth are M.A.S.K. and GoBots. I realize they were 2nd or 3rd rate shows that didn’t last long, but I have fond memories of them, so to get the 2 seasons of each in a single set for a budget price (even w/ no extras or additional mastering spruce-ups) would be fantastic.

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  3. I would love to see all eight complete seasons of Alvin & the Chipmunks on single DVD season sets loaded with all new exclusives and special features.

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