7 comments on “GREAT WHITE – Rising

  1. Wow! Hefty praise indeed. I never thought of Great White as anything but a bad Zepplin cover band who happened to have the good enough taste to cover a few Angels tracks (“Face the Day.”) I may need to check this one out.


  2. What a jerk! Haha. I just reviewed this. Check out my first paragraph:

    I’ve heard a lot of rumblings about Rising over the past few weeks. (One thing I hate is when people get online and piss and moan about an album they downloaded/stole. Just shut up until you’ve sacrificed a little hard-earned cash.) The main complaint has been that it’s not very rockin’, too mellow. To which I ask: when the hell has Great White been anything but that? They’ve had their moments, of course, especially on the first few albums. In general, though, all their albums have mixed in those mid-paced bluesy rockers with ballads and slower numbers. Rising is no different.



  3. The witch hunt was about to begin; people were gathering their torches and pitchforks. I was being too vocal with my displeasure on how things were going, how the general vibe of the forum was becoming cliquey and negative. Those that were steering the forum that way got super-defensive and began to gang up. It was subtle, but it was happening. And they continue to take childish jabs at me, blaming me for the bad vibes and stuff. Pffft!

    Yeah, I was part of the problem, and that’s why it bugged me. Being that way (negative, sarcastic, making fun of others) is contagious. I hated it. However, I sure as hell wasn’t leading the charge. The fact that some continue to insult me when I’m not even a member there tells you how logical it is to blame me for the negativity. Sad, too, because I genuinely liked most everyone there, even those who still trash me. Oh well.

    You should join us over at the Shock Totem forum (http://shocktotem.nice-board.com/index.htm). You’ll recognize some people. I was going to ask you, too. You interested in writing some reviews for us?


  4. Hey buddy, THE is one of the best albums of THIS year! >=(

    BACK TO THE RHYTHM was indeed a hard rocker, but I think this one falls in line with the rest of their catalog.


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