4 comments on “VINCE NEIL – Exposed

  1. i really wish this project could’ve lasted longer, every song on the album is great and steve stevens is unbelievable on it.
    also, i’ve seen vince live a few times and no steve, no exposed songs… disappointments all around.

    anyhow, you should’ve mentioned that you’re invited (but your friend can’t come) was in the movie Encino Man. that’s how i found out about it and fell in love with it.

  2. I remember ‘You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come)’ getting a ton of airplay because of the movie while ‘Sister Of Pain’ was getting serious MTV rotation. Vince won the battle against Motley because both his solo records sounded just like what the next Motley Crue record with him might have sounded like. I like that Crorabi Crue album but Vince’s voice was the identifiable sound of Crue.

    Now I have to pull this out to for a fresh spin…..wasn’t this and CARVED IN STONE re-released in the last few years?

    Heavy Metal Addiction

    • I wasn’t aware of the reissues, but yeah, it looks like Beyond and then later Eagle reissued both albums. I’ve never heard anything from Carved In Stone. Bad reviews have always kept me away from it.

      • carved in stone isnt nearly as bad as critics made it out to be….better than any solo projects from nikki & tommy thats for damn sure.

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