4 comments on “WARRANT – Dirty Rotten Stinking Filthy Rich

  1. Never realized that this was reissued in 2004. If you lived it in the late ’80s then you would know that one release was enough! Warrant is one of those bands that had a couple good tunes and got massive popularity on a gimmick (cherry pie anyone?). The debut isn’t bad…..’32 Pennies’, ‘Big Talk’, ‘Down Boys’, ‘Sometimes She Cries’, ‘Heaven’…..I just have this anti-Warrant thing.

    Heavy Metal Addiction


    • :D

      Seems like Warrant is one of the few “hair bands” that not many people will stick up for anymore. I know a lot of people who are like “I love hair metal! Warrant sucks though.”


      • I will stick up for Warrant’s first two albums, haven’t given theri last ones a try, I think most people don’t stick up for these bands anymore because they have 1: matured and 2: are too embarassed to; but I am shameless so I will stick up for them


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