3 comments on “VINNIE VINCENT INVASION – All Systems Go

  1. I was a big VVI fan back in the day so I can tell you that the debut was a solid record for ’86 but the main problem was that Vinnie was way too over the top both in the songwriting and guitar departments. Fleischman was replaced by Slaughter shortly after the album was released. Watch the ‘Boyz Are Gonna Rock’ wideo, that’s Mark Slaughter.

    Anyway, I think by ’88 VVI was better because Strum & Slaughter were allowed to help write and Vinnie OTT shred was reined in a bit. Too bad Vinnie’s rep basically tanked this album. 8 of the first 9 songs are classics, let’s exclude the Star Spangled Banner because that was a Vinnie show-off, with the best being Love Kills, That Time Of Year, Ashes To Ashes and Heavy Pettin’.

    VVI had a seven album deal with Chrysalis but Strum & Slaughter eventually pushed VV out of his own band and created Slaughter. I always liked Vinnie, he put the balls back in KISS from ’82-early ’84 and then again in ’92. He’s a great songwriter and guitarist, its a shame he’s a recluse now.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

    • It’s never made since that Vinnie went into hiding. He’s got a lot of fans who would love for him to just poke his head out again if only to give someone an interview.

      His inactivity is a true loss for rock fans.

  2. I like your band with all the ex-KISS members except you forgot eric Carr, Mark St. John, and Tommy Thayer.

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