5 comments on “AEROSMITH – Nine Lives

  1. I can’t believe this was your 1st Aerosmith record! Well you picked a good one to start with because every song on here is solid. I was so done with Aerosmith after PUMP and GET A GRIP because they went ballad crazy and I loved the fact that they went back to their 70s roots on this one and experimented a bit. The problem was that everyone was so used to Aerosmith pumping out the ballad hits and party rockers that any deviation from this was a problem. I started listening to the whole record from Day 1 and I knew, everytime it would come on, that if ‘Pink’ were released as a single then us diehard Aerofans would be subject to all the casual fans falling in love with the song. I was right! What was once a cool album track turned into a hit single and every chick that heard the song loved it.

    Saw the band on tour in Boston on New Year’s Eve 1997…..one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to…..a HUGE party complete with a party favors bag! I still have the bag and some confetti.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. We all three have KISS-related avatars.

    >Saw the band on tour in Boston on New Year’s Eve 1997

    I saw them on their 1999 “Roar Of The Dragon” tour. It was a Japan only tour.

    I got an Aerosmith tour T-shirt written in Japanese. Maybe it’s valuable. ;)

  3. Steve, I was a late bloomer with music. I didn’t even own a CD player until 1996! My collection up until then were cassettes of movie soundtracks, Weird Al and Beach Boys.

    tokyo5, KISS rules and that’s why we have to represent. ;)

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