5 comments on “MERCYFUL FATE – Melissa/The Beginning

  1. Great to hear you are digging Fate! I remember when Melissa came out, it kncoked everyone on their ass! I got into Fate because of King Diamond’s makeup…..it looked like Gene Simmons’ style a bit but then I saw the image of the band and heard the album. My favorite fate record is the next one, Don’t Break The Oath, and I am also into King Diamond outside of Mercyful Fate.

    Heavy Metal Addiction


    • Can you do a review of albums from more extreme metal bands like Possessed, Kreator, Dark Angel, Sepultura, and Morbid Angel since you are not into Slayer or Venom?


    • Since you are not into extreme metal, can you at least review albums from Pantera, Danzig, Alice in Chains, and Type O Negative? Those are regular hard rock/metal bands. They are not extreme.


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