3 comments on “Classic Beat’em Ups, Part 2

  1. you have to put street fighter 2 for saga genesis on there(just for me cuz i was an addict. used to stay home ‘sick’ off school just to play it) and abit later mortal combat. mortal combat to me was a game that change our generation.
    it was the step from pre-teen cartoon violence right to rated R. ohh man if you could get your dad to go to games exchange and buy it for you!!

  2. TMNT: TiT rules. I have the SNES version. Never dumped many quarters into the arcade version as a kid, since there wasn’t one in my tiny town, but the SNES version brings back that arcade feel quite nicely. Final Fight rules. Bad Dudes (“I’m bad!”) is classic. Never played Night Slashers, I’ll have to look for that one. I also never really got into the arcade version of Double Dragon – I always thought the controls were kinda clunky. I still prefer the NES version w/ it’s “learning” system.

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