5 comments on “VAN HALEN – 5150

  1. I’m a Diamond Dave guy and I was broken when Dave left VH. VH was on MTV every hour and 1984 was such a huge album that you couldn’t escape the machine. They switched to Sammy at the height of their success and some could argue that they got even bigger with more albums sold and more hit single.

    5150 came out in ’85 and I was knee deep into whatever was on radio, MTV and the Rock mags so I bought the record on vinyl and cassette when it came out. I had to hear what VH sounded like with the guy that sang ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ and ‘Heavy Metal’. What a record! If your going to replace your popular original singer and make a new record, this is how you do it. Saw the tour in Providence, great show!

    I’m still a DLR guy but I like Van Hagar just as much.

    Heavy Metal Addiction


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  3. This is my favorite Van Halen and I know I’m not the only person that feels that way. While “Why Can’t This Be Love”, “Dreams” and “Best of Both Worlds” might not reach the heights of “Jump”, “Panama” and “Hot for Teacher” it’s the rest of this album that is better than your typical covers and instrumentals filler “Summer Nights”, “Love Walks In”, “5150″ and “Good Enough” could all been singles as well.

    The weakest tracks are the ones that sound like they were wrote before Roth left “Get Up” and “Inside”. But this is one of the few album I never hit the forward button on.


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