4 comments on “CINDERELLA – Night Songs

  1. You just get this one? Man, a classic for sure. I love all their albums, but despite them trying to hit a niche with this release, it’s still fantastic. Definitely has its own unique sound and it still remains a killer album.

    Wish they’d put out some new studio stuff. Last album came out in like 1994, and they’ve toured how many years since then? No excuse why they never put out another album.


  2. Classic record. I have to agree, this album is unique and the band became a phenomenon almost overnight. They did have Jon Bon Jovi as a backer and they went out on the Slippery When Wet tour but the main thing was that Cinderella had talent and they could write. One of the best bands of the 80s/early 90s and its too bad they haven’t released a new record.

    They had a new record deal back in the late 90s but there was a lawsuit with the label and its yet to be resolved so the album sits shelved.

    Heavy Metal Addiction


    • Once Ratt finally gets their new album out the door, this will be the only band left from that era that hasn’t released new material that I would REALLY to listen to if they ever did.


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