One comment on “CHEAP TRICK – At Budokan

  1. Your “live album” theme idea is pretty cool.

    You should do a theme of reviews of “Live At The Budokan” albums.
    There’s a ton of them (Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Ozzy, Mr. Big, etc, etc).

    I live not too far from the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. It’s beautiful.

    Did you know that the Beatles were the first pop band to play there (there was no Tokyo Dome at that time, and no other venue in Tokyo back then was big enough for all the ticketholders). Traditionalists in Japan protested the idea of a pop band performing at the revered Budokan.

    Regardless, the Beatles played four sold-out nights at the Budokan, which was a record…until KISS sold-out five consecutive nights at the Budokan in the ’70s.

    KISS‘s record still hasn’t been broken.

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