2 comments on “STRYPER – Murder By Pride

  1. I bought this the day it came out but I finally unwrapped it last night and gave it a spin. You can definitely hear why Boston grabbed Michael Sweet to handle lead vocals because he has a similar voice to the late Brad Delp. I didn’t look at the tracklisting so ‘Peace Of Mind’ was a surprise.

    Comparing this album to the Stryper of old is a hard thing to do. I was a young Metalhead back when Stryper hit the racks and I enjoyed their Christian Hard Rock/Metal but it was all about the sound of the time. Think of the Def Leps/Poisons/etc, the glam “hair” bands, Sunset Strip bands but with a lot of Christian references & lyrics. Murder By Pride is heavier and the first listen was inevitably a comparison listen. Now I will give it regular rotation.

    If you want good early Stryper you can’t really go wrong with any of the first 3 albums but I would say TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL (1986) captures the band at their peak.

    Heavy Metal Addiction


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