3 comments on “THIN LIZZY – Thunder and Lightning

  1. >This may now be one of my favorite albums EVER.

    I’m not much of a Thin Lizzy album…but if it’s that good, I may just pick it up if I find a copy!

    • You should really give it a shot. I was never a big Thin Lizzy fan either. I am now, but if I have one gripe about them, it’s that sometimes they’re too mellow. This album doesn’t really have that problem.

  2. I love this album. I was writing this short film and basically knew I would have to put it on the internet for free because I was being heavily influenced with imagery from 80s heavy metal and specifically this Lizzy Album.

    Please check out the episode HEART ATTACK of my series Hot Rod Hearts if you ever wanted to hear a movie scored to Thin Lizzy and Phil L.

    Much Love! Thanks for the post about Thunder and Lightening. We ended up using half the album in our score over 3 episodes. I hope you enjoy finding them in the episodes!


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