2 comments on “THIS IS '80s HAIR METAL

  1. Buyer beware on Deadline/Cleopatra compilations! They take songs from previous releases (tribute albums, compilations, etc.) and they keep making different all-star releases like this. My suggestion is tracking down the original records but the price does help for 3 CDs of music.

    I looked online and Amazon has this for $20 but I went for the tracklist to see song 15 on Disc 3……there are 17 songs on the CD?

    15. When the Children Cry – Kip Winger
    16. Headed for a Heartbreak – L.A. Guns
    17. Ballad of Jayne – Faster Pussycat

    Heavy Metal Addiction


    • Yeah, I saw that listing for tracks 15-17 when trying to find info on Track 15 myself. Those songs don’t exist on MY copy. Even if they do exist on some version somewhere, I doubt FP covered LAG while LAG covered Kip, but as you said the label recycles a lot, so you never know… :D


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