11 comments on “Choose Your Own Adventure… Greatest series of books ever?

  1. I loved these books! They were so much fun. Even when I thought I had exhausted all the different options, I would read it one more time and wind up going down a completely different story line. And yes, I would keep my fingers in the places where the story split off so I could easily get back if something bad happened. I need to add some of these to my library!


    • I was thinking about adding a few myself, either through eBay or making the trek to the bookstore. Looks like the reissues are going for $6.99 a piece. Not sure what the originals are going for on eBay though.


  2. My best friend growing up was HUGE into these books. I only moderately got interested. I was never a big reader, myself. But he was really into them, and I understand why – they were pretty cool for what they were.

    You might check Amazon for used copies of original Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books – I suspect you could find some fairly cheap.


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  4. Nice to see so many people enjoy the Choose Your Own Adventure books as much as I did. I don’t have my drawings as proof anymore, but I used to draw out the books’ progression as well… GE = Good Ending, BE = Bad Ending, and an exclamation meant it was an exceptionally good or bad one…

    As an adult, I’ve started what might be the first Choose Your Own Adventure IRL. It’s a non-fiction e-book about traveling through Bangkok (I live in Thailand with my wife) – would you rather go to the palace, the park, or an offbeat museum? Tap the link to see photos, directions, a description, etc. – then continue to the next choices.

    The first one is officially on sale at chooseyourowndestination.com – best of all, no bad endings!


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