10 comments on “Where’s the love for Galoob’s WCW action figures?

  1. I’ve got the Windham, Zenk and Pillman figures, still in the package, for sale if you’re interested?

    Actually have them all for sale, except Flair and Viscious. I got those signed so I’m keeping them.

    Drop me an e-mail and we can visit about it.


  2. Do have a question maybe you or somebody can help me with….All my WCW Galoobs have “Presenting the stars of WCW” in the lower right-hand corner.

    However, my Flair says “Presenting the stars of the NWA” on it.

    Could that be a real early version?


  3. Have the 90’s Galoob figures. The ones I have are:
    1. Sting UK series 1
    2. Lex Luger USA series 1
    3. Arn Anderson USA series 1
    4. Brian Pillman USA series 1
    5. Tom Zenk USA series 1
    6. Barry Windham USA series 1
    7. Ric Flair USA series 1
    8. Sid Vicious USA series 1

    9-10. Doom/Ron Simmons/Butch Reed USA series 1
    11-12. Steiner Brothers/ Scott/Rick USA series 1

    Also have 24 90’s Hasbro WWF figures, wanting to sell all of them. If interested make me an offer.

  4. WCW Galoob Figures are Great Collectibles! As you said in the thread they may not pose or have movement, but their attention to detail blows the Hasbro figures out of the Water! I currently have the entire U.S. Released set, and 90% of the U.K. Line. So if anyone has the U.K. Released figures, let me know what you got and i may buy them from you! Check out my website http://www.wcwgaloob.com to see my collection!

  5. Would anyone happen to know where I can find the “Slam-Action Wrestling Arena”? I used to own it when I was younger, but lost it when moving. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  6. I just got say ive still got my wcw figures since i was a kid i think i got them all,i got el gante,ron simmions,butch reed,sting,luger,sid,barry windam,z man,flying brain pillman,dustin rhodes,rick flar,both steiners bros rick and scott,big josh,fabfree birds both micheal ps hayes and jimmy gan galvin and arn aderson they are loose in sandwich bags now r they worth out?

  7. What about ole Anderson? I remember I had him too. No one mentions him. And I have also seen 2 arn Anderson. One had his bald spot and the other one had the little round spot where he was bald but it was painted the same as the rest of his hair

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