4 comments on “I Heart Robots: 1980s Edition, Vol. 1

  1. Awesome post. Killbot/Chopping Mall is SO laughably bad…it’s one of those “so bad it’s good” movies that is fun to watch due to the sheer train-wreck of it. I had totally forgotten about Roboto until I saw the graphic – MAN that takes me back. Never owned one, but I remember wanting one. Of course, Johnny 5 is ingrained in the minds of youngsters from that era, and Optimus Prime and Voltron certainly captured the hearts of adolescent boys everywhere. But R2D2 is still the king.


    • Yeah, I had Roboto as a kid. One of my favorite MOTU figures. I ended up losing all of my MOTU collection except Thunder-Punch He-Man in the early 90s. I did a lot of bidding on eBay and now own Roboto again!


  2. Ah, Voltron, AKA GoLion. I’ve always been a fan of that design. Oh, and the original Japanese show is much more hardcore than Voltron.

    Star Wars is most definitely more 80s than 70s, if you ask me.


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