16 comments on “Bad Halloween Treats and Candy

  1. Don’t forget toothbrushes and dental floss. Because if I’m showing up all punked out on your doorstep, heavens knows that I need to brush my fangs.

  2. I happen to like candy corn, but what I REALLY HATED was those black and orange taffy things given out by some civic club–was it the Lions club?

    Do they still do that or have they wised up?

  3. Popcorn balls! Always stale and just icky.
    And Mary Jane candy bars,
    I shudder just thinking of them.
    And the one neighbor who always gave out pennies.
    I mean, come on.

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  5. My mother-in-law gives out animal crackers and granola bars…she’s one of those…lol….
    and what about those black and orange things that tasted like stale peanut butter…gross!!!!!

  6. I only give out candy that I will want to eat if it’s left over.

    I used to buy crap candy and the left over stuff stayed in the bowl until it was chucked out.

    No more ;)

  7. Want to know what happens to your kid when he gets an apple for Halloween watch Halloween 2 (orignal)!

  8. If I’m going to buy candy, I buy something I don’t mind eating the leftovers of. (This year, it was 3 musketeers). That being said, I like Mary Janes.

    My grandmother used to make popcorn balls and give them out. Of course, I also lived in a neighborhood where everyone knew everyone, and there were only like, 4 kids in the entire neighborhood. Somehow she ALWAYS ran out of popcorn balls, which I hated because I don’t like popcorn much, but I do like caramel. And it would inevitably all get used.

    My favorite place to stop was the lady that lived on the opposite corner of my house. Because there were so few children in my neighborhood, she would catch us skating or riding our bikes in the week leading up to Halloween and ask us if we were trick or treating that year and what our favorite candy bar was. She would always have one of whatever we said in king size, and about ten king size Hershey bars for any surprise Trick or Treaters.

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