15 comments on “BLACK SABBATH – Headless Cross

  1. Agree on this one!! Given the disappointment of the new Heaven & Hell album Iommi should give Tony Martin a call imho. I saw Sabbath on both this and the Tyr tour and they were excellent. Would recommend Headless Cross, Tyr and Cross Purposes from the “Tony Martin years” anyday.


    • THE DEVIL YOU KNOW hasn’t been received well? I thought it was. I thought I was the only person was was saying that it was “okay”. :D If only that album wasn’t sooooooo slooooooooow…


      • The Devil You Know has got great reviews as far as I’m aware. And I thought it was a great album, as well.


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  3. I follow you all the way to the last song, where we part ways galactically. “Nightwing” has got to be one of the most fantastic songs they ever made. It is, to me, among the best songs by any band, and the vocals on this are stunning. It’s a matter of taste, of course. I just wanted to let you know the song’s got it if you’re wired to pick up on it. Sad thing my cd is broken (scrathced – I got kids…) and nigh on impossible to find a replacement for.


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  6. I decided to try out a song from the Tony Martin era today on youtube so I decided to try the title trck of this and boy that guitar is just awesome, and Tony is a good singer, I plan on picking this up eventually because I like wat I hear, I just never got around to trying this out because there was so much else I was concerned with


    • Headless Cross and Eternal Idol are essential Sabbath to me and both had Tony Martin. I like Tyr, Cross Purposes and Forbidden as well, but would only recommend those to people who loved the first two albums he did with them.

      Headless Cross, the album and the song, are two of Sabbath’s best moments.


      • too bad both run for quite a bit right now, I saw the double pack of Headless Cross and Etenral Idol on amzon for $50, but then again that is probably a good deal if buying them separately costs more


  7. Actually — Eternal Idol, Forbidden and Cross Purposes can be found for a decent price. Eternal Idol can be picked up brand new at a good price. Headless Cross is the one that has the insane $30-100 used price tag. Tyr can be expensive too but I was able to get my hands on a UK reissue of it for about $15.


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