7 comments on “BLACK SABBATH – Tyr

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  2. I am huge Black Sabbath fan and it took me years for ‘TYR’ to grow on me, but now I feel it is a great Black Sabbath album. I am glad to see that the Tony Martin years are finally getting their due, but I still feel the ‘Forbidden’ album is the worst Black Sabbath album ever released.


    • I could’ve SWORN I owned a copy of Tyr. Even at the time of this review. I just checked my collection and I don’t. Man. I need to order this one, I guess.


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  4. The “theme” that ran throughout the album sabotaged, no pun intended, it for me. While there was some good stuff just too much filler. “Feels Good To Me” I think is a tremendous song that while an attempt at making a radio song still maintained the Sabbath tough. Plus the girl in the video is smoking .


    • I saw that music video on some Sabbath video I rented from Netflix a few weeks back… It was horrible! But yeah, the girl was incredibly hot.

      Which theme? Christianity or Norse mythology? I believe Tony Martin denied there’s a Christianity theme but either way, I’m okay both.


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