Halloween III Masks by Don Post

Halloween III Masks

This has to be one of the greatest examples of movie merchandising of all time… Halloween III masks! These masks were central to the movie’s plot, so it’s awesome to see a tie-in that actually makes sense. As we all know, the movie wasn’t well received at the time of its release, had it been, these probably would’ve been huge sellers.

“Pumpkin Head” is definitely my favorite mask, but geez — $39.95?

Hypnotize yourself to this (seizures may occur):

4 thoughts on “Halloween III Masks by Don Post

  1. xMANAZEx (Xbox Live and PSN Gamertags) says:

    Wow never seen that before! I would love to had one of those masks! I know people were mad because Michael left but still it is one of the best Halloween movies ever!

  2. i need these mask. i wanted them back then when i was a kid but now have the web makes them easier to find. that was the problem all my friends wanted them but all we found were the costumes that have the plastic mask with the smock describing who you were. lame. smart remake.

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