5 comments on “KISS – Peter Criss

  1. >the coolest album cover of the ‘78 KISS solo releases

    I think Gene’s and Ace’s were the coolest.

    >Dynasty and Unmasked (generally considered the two worst KISS records)

    I think Dynasty is not bad. Unmasked and The Elder are KISS‘s worst, in my opinion.

    >Highlights: “Tossin’ and Turnin’”

    I can’t stand that song!

    I think “You Matter To Me” is better.

    >I never reached for this album again unless I was in a SERIOUS KISS mode.

    Yeah, me too. When I first got it (on vinyl LP), I spun it many times to try to “grow to like it”. But the only thing “KISS” about that album is the cover.

  2. My least favorite of the solo albums. I was even more disappointed with Peter’s solo album than I was with Gene’s. However, my wife really likes the song, “I Can’t Stop the Rain”. I’ve always liked “That’s the Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes”.

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