4 comments on “Holiday Huggables Muppet Babies at McDonald’s

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  2. I found the Fozzie one in a thrift store last year (sans hat), and I had the Miss Piggy one when I was a kid, but I have never even seen a Kermit one! They just don’t make promotional stuff like this anymore.

  3. I too know the feeling u are talking about. I had my Christmas stuff in storage & my husband got mixed up on the due date & all of my belongings were sold. I was & still am heartbroken. I had the whole collection & every year my mom wid bring out the collection and put them out with our other Christmas decorations & after Christmas they went back into the Xmas boxes
    until the next year. When I moved out I took the collection with me & continued the tradition until this year(2010) when I lost them with all of my other Christmas belongings. I was nine years old in 1988 and I’ll be 32yrs old 2morrow, I had those stuffed animals for 22yrs & even tho they only came out for a short period of time for Christmas, they meant as much to me as the stuffed animals I played with everyday, maybe even more because they came out at Christmas which is a special time in a child’s life & we carry the memories of Christmas as a child throughout our whole life. I just hope whoever has them now love them as much as I did.

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