6 comments on “PS3 is awesome.

  1. I too may just be about to get a ps3. I am an occasional gamer and haven’t had much time for them recently, but my ps2 can only inspire so much. Plus I see all these ads for shiny new games. I have bits of games started on my friend’s systems, like fallout 3 which I would really like to finish, but I’m not over there enough. Thanks for the game recommendations. And I hear you about the wii. Many many kid games, but sometimes you just want to beat someone to death with their own arms you just tore off. (GOWII)


    • Netflix is really that much of a selling point? You can stream from their website and your computer using Windows Media Center and the like. I prefer the good ol’ fashioned Netflix queue though. Way more movies available that way.

      I’m not worried about using Blu-ray. I don’t have a HD TV… yet.


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  3. Personally I think that Army of Two is only a decent game… Unless you play it with a friend. Only then does it really shine. Can’t wait for part 2 to come out so I can duo it up with my buddy again.

    GTA IV is a great game. I loved every bit of it because it reminded me so much of what I loved about GTA III. I never cared for the ones in between. Granted the controls were finicky and the graphics (though improved much from the previous gen) were good but not great by any stretch. Overall a great gaming experience.


    • I think the controls for driving on this one are awful. Maybe it’s just because I hadn’t played San Andreas in so long so I’m not used to it, but it just seems unnecessarily difficult on GTA IV.


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