5 comments on “METALLICA – Kill 'Em All

  1. Ahhh, this one brings back memories of another time and another place – back in the day – a much more youthful Roman Blaine – and my very first Metallica ALBUM. What music they made!

  2. Yes indeed! 80’s thrash and 80’s punk: The Dead Kennedy’s, The Stranglers, a taste of ’em all! And Balls To The Wall!

  3. James’ voice doesn’t sound younger but it sounds scratchier and his screams sound very odd, but I like out, this probably comes fourth or fifth in my list of Metallica favorites:
    1) Ride the Lightning
    2 )Master of Puppets
    3)…And Justice For All
    4) either this or Metallica
    5) either this or Metallica
    6) Live Shit: Binige and Purge
    7) Death Magnetic
    8) Reload
    9) Load
    that is my list, I don’t care for any other Metallica releases

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