6 comments on “STARZ – Violation

  1. Man, the first two Starz albums are both excellent. I used to have them on vinyl, now I have them on CD. I don’t know which one I prefer, their self-titled release or this one. Like I said, they are both great. Nikki Sixx is a fan, and Michael Lee Smith is actually the brother of Rex Smith (a useless bit o’ trivia for ya).


  2. Ginger from the Wildhearts played a couple of shows at the Viper Room in Hollywood this summer. At the second show, he invited Michael Lee Smith to the stage. MLS them proceeded to nail an amazing version of “Loveshit,” his singular voice still sounding strong and vital. Check youtube for the footage.


  3. I too, used to have this release on vinyl back in the day, along with “Attention Shoppers” and “Coliseum Rock”. This one was by far my favorite, with “Coliseum Rock” running a close second. I thought “Attention Shoppers” paled by comparison. Starz was an awesome band!


  4. I discovered Starz due to the magazine Hit Parader and picked up ‘Violation’ and love this album, why they never big is a mystery to me.

    I plan to pick up the rest of their albums on CD eventually, the one album I did care for was ‘Attention Shoppers’ which I felt was lackluster but he has been years since I have heard it.


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