7 comments on “Rodney Reindeer is perhaps the greatest Christmas gift of all.

  1. I have four Burger King reindeers, they have been in a box all these years and look like new I ahve Rhonda, Rodney, Ramona and Randy

  2. Saw a Rodney re-creation at Wal-Mart this year and bought two. One is now on the Christmas tree. The other is sitting with me here at work. I too remember Rodney as a child. My brother and sister and I used to throw our Rodney all over the place. The original Rodney is still at my mom’s house and still is used in her decorating each year. Good times!

    • I saw that Walgreens had Rodney in the Hallmark section but it wasn’t the usual plush toy. He was a plush gift card holder. Went to a real Hallmark store and didn’t see ANY Rodney merchandise.

  3. My parents bought me Rhonda since that’s my name……then they figured they better just get them all! I still have them all, too :)

  4. The official Hallmark Rodney Reindeer website is now defunct. I hope they ressurrect it someday, as well as the Little Birdy character of theirs.

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