8 comments on “Looking Forward to in 2010…

  1. You won’t find a harder working, more blue collar Thrash Metal band than Over Kill. I cannot wait for the new Exodus either… Gary Holt has the Exodus Thrash Machine running on all cylinders. Over Kill – “Taking Over” and “Horrorscope” are unreal. (I am a bias Over Kill and Exodus fan). The very first Exodus – “Bonded By Blood” with the late Paul Baloff is exceptional. I’m just so darn excited about these two bands being back for more in 2010.

    A fine sneak peek into the 2010 Metal release year.


  2. I used to listen to Ratt alot when I was a high school student.
    I saw their “Reach For The Sky” show in Florida.

    Slash has a new EP on sale here in Japan…the song “Sahara” with Koshi Inaba of the Japanese band B’z on vocals (the song is sung in Japanese).


  3. Ratt? That s/t album in 1999 was awful so that means it has been like twenty years since they did anything worthwhile. It’s not Accept without Udo. I am looking forward to releases from Armored Saint, Steel Assassin, Overkill and High on fire. Hoping for new releases from Iron Maiden, Pentagram and Acid King.


  4. Udo’s voice may be an acquried taste. I liked TT Quick the last time I heard them, but it’s probably been twenty years since my cassette of “Metal of honor” broke and I never upgraded to a CD.


  5. I’m looking forward to the new Ratt as well. I’m also looking forward to the new Dream Evil, Krokus, Ozzy, Armored Saint, and Rob Zombie. If Alice has a new one coming out, of course, I’ll pick that one up too.

    Also thanks thanks for turning me on to the new Winger and Freakshow albums. They both sound great and should be arriving in the mail any day now.

    Btw, have you heard the band Crooked X? Like Black Tide, they’re a band of youngsters, but they really do sound good. When I hear about young bands like Crooked X, I’m always skeptical, but then I remind myself that Rick Allen was only fifteen when Def Leppard started out.


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